Welcome to the most technologically advanced Super Bowl in history

Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, is the site of Super Bowl 50 on February 7, 2016. The game between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos is being billed as the most technologically advanced Super Bowl in history.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Going for the gold

Fans entering Levi's Stadium will see a large sculpture commemorating the golden anniversary of the Super Bowl, the NFL's signature event.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

The calm before the storm

A tarp covers the field at Levi's Stadium in mid-November, more than two months before Super Bowl 50, set for February 7.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Somebody's watching me

Security cameras are all around Levi's Stadium, site of Super Bowl 50.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Monitors here, there, everywhere

Distributed antenna system (DAS) Antennas at Levi's Stadium boost the cellular signals, ensuring the nearly 70,000 venue attendees will be able to get their calls through.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Wi-Fi for all

Officials at Levi's Stadium say there's a Wi-Fi box for every 100 seats inside the venue. More than 70,000 fans can see replays using a free Super Bowl 50 app during the big game on February 7.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Mission control

Levi's Stadium's video master control room lets fans see game action, graphics and replays on two giant video scoreboards and thousands of monitors throughout the venue.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

All wired up

A series of colorful wires inside the massive data control center at Levi's Stadium.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET


The official Super Bowl 50 app will help the more than 70,000 fans attending the big game find seats, order food from them, and keep up with game stats.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

App happy

San Francisco 49ers Chief Operating Officer Al Guido shows off a beta version of the Super Bowl 50 app.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Catch this!

CNET reporter Terry Collins tries his hand at catching virtual passes during a demo of an interactive game at Levi's Stadium.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Solar power

Levi's Stadium has nearly 20,000 square feet of solar panels and another 27,000 square-foot living roof above its suites, making it one of the most environmentally friendly stadiums around.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET


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