Inside Carnival's tech-filled Medallion cruise ship

With your smartphone and a contactless coin, you can access all kinds of great features on board Carnival's cruise ship.

Katie Collins
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All aboard the Regal Princess!

This 142,000-ton ship is part of cruise company Carnival's fleet and is the first to be upgraded with smart technology that aims to make life on board this floating city a breeze.

We got to tour the Princess in dry dock in Hamburg, Germany, as the new technology was nearly done being installed.

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The smart technology is based around modules known as medallions. Each passenger will receive their own medallion, which can be worn on the wrist, as a necklace or simply carried in a pocket.

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Each medallion is preloaded with information about each passenger. Using RFID technology, sensors around the ship can detect a medallion and therefore know who is where on board.

It also links to a smartphone app that allows passengers to access services and information.

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The app has many functions. One is to give passengers information about the areas the ship is passing through.

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It's also how passengers can book tables at restaurants on board or sign up for activities.

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As you walk around, you can interact with large touchscreens, which, thanks to your medallion, will automatically show information tailored to you.

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The screen will show your exact location and tell you how to find your destination.

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The medallion will also work as your room key.

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Your kids may be less likely to lose a medallion on a wristband than a regular room key. 

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Kids will have their own medallion and can create cartoon avatars that will appear on screens as they move about the ship.

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Screens in the guest rooms provide information to passengers about the location of the ship and about events and services on board.

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A massive screen on deck is one way to keep people entertained.

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Sometimes a bear will be on screen. Yep, that's random.

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This humble cable enables all the smart technology. It's a fiber optic line that relays medallion information to the control rooms. 

A whopping 75 miles of this cable has been strung throughout the ship.

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The purple cables connect to these sensors, which can detect the medallions of nearby passengers, allowing personalized information to be displayed as they pass the multitude of displays around the ship.

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Outside every guest room is a box like this, hidden away.

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The hubs pipe in smart features to each room.

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No smart ship would be complete without a bank of screens in a control room.

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A server room is full of cables.

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Large orbs like this one encompass satellite antennae that provide ship-to-shore communications and internet connections.

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The Regal Princess isn't just about technology.

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Lovely staircases.

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The ship has been given a spit and polish while it's been in dry dock.

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Your smart medallion will do a lot, but it won't help you win at the blackjack table.

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