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Ballistic HC iPhone case

Pelican Micro iPhone case

HandStand iPad case

Griffin Survivor iPhone case

Dry Case

Tuff n' Tiny flash drive

Centon Datastick Pro

Otterbox iPad 2 Defender

Star Wars Mimobots

LaCie Tank

Etch A Sketch iPad case

It seems like gadget makers and accessory sellers these days are telling us we can't have nice toys and also can't be trusted not to smash, melt, or swallow them.

The triple-layer plastic and rubber Ballistic HC iPhone case is just one of the many products out there meant to protect our favorite gadgets from us.

Caption by / Photo by Ballistic
The Pelican Micro iPhone case is the king of iPhone cases. It'll protect your phone from most nightmare damage, but you won't be able to use your phone while it's in there. It sells at multiple outlets for around $35.
Caption by / Photo by Pelican
When sales reps demo the HandStand iPad case, they slap it, drop it, and bounce it--and the iPad comes back for more. Buyers just have to decide how likely they are to slap, drop, and bounce their own tablets. Price: $50.
Caption by / Photo by HandStand
The Griffin Survivor iPhone case is military grade and wraps your phone in multiple layers of protection. Unfortunately, it also makes it harder for you to be heard and separates you from camera features until you push rubber out of the way. It retails for about $25.
Caption by / Photo by Griffin
You know you want to play Angry Birds while whitewater rafting. So grab the vacuum-sealed, waterproof Dry Case for iPad, complete with zip-tight skin and hand-pump. It sells for about $35.
Caption by / Photo by Dry Case
The stripped-down Verbatim Tuff n' Tiny flash drive takes all USB drive components away and leaves only the interior chip. Unfortunately, that makes it smaller and easier to lose. If you can't be trusted not to break something, can you be relied upon not to lose it? They sell for $10-$30, depending on storage size.
Caption by / Photo by Verbatim
The Centon Datastick Pro is one of the company's line of designer armored and encrypted thumbdrives. Just go ahead and try to break one. Seriously. Try it. It's fun. They come in multiple designs and prices, depending on size, encryption, and so on.
Caption by / Photo by Centon
The Otterbox iPad 2 Defender case is yet another iPad holder that would leave you convinced iPad owners walk around in constant, abject anxiety of dropping or otherwise smashing the glass faces of their beloved devices. It includes a clip-on screen cover with a built-in stand and ships soon for $89.99.
Caption by / Photo by Otterbox
These Star Wars Mimobots aren't wearing the kind of armor we're talking about for most protective flash drives, but they may be the coolest to have on your desk. You can pick one up for about $25, and some are becoming collector's items.
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The LaCie Tank device case can adjust to multiple gadgets, protecting your entire toy collection from your foolishness, you clumsy oaf. They're made from foam rubber and high-impact materials and retail for about $30.
Caption by / Photo by LaCie
The Etch A Sketch iPad case from ThinkGeek may or may not offer elite protection. Who cares? It makes the nerdy invention look even nerdier. You can pick one up for $40. It comes with a kickstand, but it doesn't turn your iPad into an actual graphite-stuffed sketching box.
Caption by / Photo by ThinkGeek
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