In New York, his neighbors pounded on his walls, so he built this home theater in Texas

Growing up in a New York City apartment, Rajesh could never have his dream home-entertainment system. But he finally got his wish in Texas.

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Rajesh is originally from New York City but now lives in Frisco, Texas. Living in a New York City apartment "makes you think small," Rajesh says, particularly after having your neighbors tell you to turn down the volume by pounding their fists against the wall.

Things are different in Texas, though. Now Rajesh doesn't have to worry about the neighbors. So this is what he did.

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Rajesh, who has a residential and commercial tech installation business, had excellent experiences with Paradigm, and had read about the company's new high-end Persona speaker line. He wanted highly accurate speakers with incredibly well-defined bass.

He went with two tower speakers that have built-in powered subwoofers. Then he added two dedicated subwoofers and used Anthem Room's Correction system (Anthem is Paradigm's sister company) to make sure all the speakers "worked together in unison to push and pull bass as necessary and create the fantastic bottom end that a soundtrack needs without overwhelming the audience."

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Rajesh explains that since the room has so much light, it couldn't handle a projector, especially when sundown in the summer is almost 9 p.m. OLED, while dazzling, is still not bright enough for some rooms, so that left LCD. But not just any LCD. 

Rajesh installed the Sony XBR-100Z9D, a 100-inch TV that delivers an image nearly as big as a projector and much, much brighter. It's a 4K TV with HDR, Dolby Vision and everything else.

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The Main seating area is a 118-inch wide couch. The table is hollow and holds an LED light strip for glowing effects. The Echo Dot with Alexa voice assistant can turn on the TV, change channels, switch sources, mute and control lighting and the fireplace -- all with Rajesh's voice.

The table has power running to it from under the rug, with cables running up a leg to power the Echo Dot and remote control chargers. A Nintendo Switch is hidden inside the table.

5 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

Let's take a peek inside the coffee table.

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Inside there's a Nintendo Switch with docking station for playing on the Sony 100-incher along with a mini projector. Why a mini projector? "Because, why not?" Rajesh says.

And those devices on top of the table? The one on the is left is an Echo Dot while the one on the right is a Josh.ai Micro controller. Josh.ai bills itself as "luxury voice control for the most advanced homes in the world."

There's also a charging cradle for his remote and a Hue light strip lining the interior for nighttime use and effect.

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The notebook is the Razer Blade Pro 17-inch gaming laptop. It also connects to the Sony TV for gaming in HDR.

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The dual voice control devices sit alone on top of the coffee table.

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The carpet helps with sound reflections from the speakers and helps smooth out the sound.

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We're zooming in a little closer now...

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One of the dedicated Paradigm Persona Subs next to the Paradigm Persona 9H Tower that has an integrated 750W LFE subwoofer. Both speakers are finished in "Aria Blue."

12 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

All the equipment is in a rack in one corner of the room. Rajesh says he's looking for a place to relocate the rack to that will make his wife happy, but "something has to power this system."

The second Persona sub is next to the rack. It's finished in black.

13 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

That picture on the wall moves to reveal a tablet for controlling music, lights and movies for the room. It is activated by voice with the Echo Dot on the table.

The rack is designed for stereo and multi-channel playback with amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and DACs for each.

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Zooming in on the painting.

15 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

It slides up to reveal an Asus 7-inch Android tablet that Rajesh uses for home control and to play music via Roon, which he says is "best program ever to bring you closer to your music."

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A closer look at the hidden tablet.

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Rajesh's media player: The Zappiti 4K HDR DUO, which houses two 8TB drives for a total of 16TBs of media storage. Plus, he says it can pull from his central NAS (networked drive).

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In the center of the rack with the big "Z" in the middle is his playback device that connects his NAS to the home theater or stereo for playback on the screen.

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Rear left and right channel speakers in the walls. That framed image on the wall is actually a Samsung Frame TV. "It's nice to have some art while eating," Rajesh says.

20 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

The Frame TV flush against the wall.

21 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

It really does look like artwork!

22 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

You can change what "art" you have on the display.

23 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

Here's the Roku menu replacing the art.

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Top portion of the rack holds the network switch, two different DACs, outdoor amplifier for the patio, pre-amplifier and amplifier for stereo playback to the Persona 9H towers and subwoofers.

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Anthem MCA525 5-channel amplifiers. They'll allow Rajesh to add additional speakers if and when he decides to.

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View of the equipment with the rack door open. Amplifiers and power on the bottom.

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Close up of the Persona Sub -- "1700 watts of pure bass bliss," Rajesh says. "It's room corrected to not overpower the room or other speakers when a scene gets a bit too explosive."

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An Anthem Preamplifier with home theater pass-through. It allows for custom room correction of the tower speakers and subwoofers.

Beneath the preamplifier is a dedicated stereo amplifier to power the tower speakers only.

29 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

Home theater equipment: Anthem AVM 60 processor, two Anthem MCA 525 amplifiers for 10 channels of audio. PS Audio P10 for power regeneration to all the equipment in the rack.

30 of 38 Rajesh/CNET
31 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

Close up of the front sub.

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"Anthem Room Correction allows these tower speakers to not overwhelm the room and correct the sound based upon where I am sitting," Rajesh says. "My sweet spot for music or movies is quite large because of it."

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PS Audio P10 power regenerator. It takes the power in via a 20A plug and then distributes it accordingly to the electronics or speakers (LFE or subs). It can actually generate more power than a device directly plugged into the wall.

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"People need to know that 70 percent of their sound is made by the center channel," Rajesh says. "That's why I didn't scrimp on my selection."

35 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

Top view of the Persona C. Weighing 85 lbs, it doesn't move.

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Like the towers, the center channel has beryllium drivers.

37 of 38 Rajesh/CNET

A few movie choices.

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That's it from Frisco, folks. Thanks for viewing another installment of Show Us Yours. If you want to see more, we have plenty of other showcases to check out here. And please submit photos of your own home theater, fancy or simple, here.

Here's Rajesh's home theater equipment list, complete with pricing:


  • Paradigm Persona 9H -- $35,000
  • Paradigm Persona Sub (2) -- $6,500each/$13,000
  • Paradigm Persona C -- $7,500
  • Paradigm E80-R(2) -- $579each/$1158


  • Sony XBR100Z9D -- $60,000

Rack components:

  • Auralic Aries Streaming Bridge -- $1,300
  • PS Audio Directstream DAC -- $6,000
  • Anthem STR Preamplifier -- $4,000
  • Anthem STR Power Amplifier -- $6,000
  • Anthem AVM60 -- $3,500 each/$7,000
  • Paradigm Crown CDi 1,000 -- $1,100
    PS Audio P10 -- $6,000
    Zappiti Duo 4K HDR -- $400

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