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Workplace of the future

Taking work with you

Whiteboard for translation

Everything is a computer

As part of his talk at Wharton Business School on Friday, Stephen Elop, president of Microsoft's business division, is showing a video about the workplace of the future. He'll also step back and talk about how the precursors to many of the technologies shown in the video exist today in Microsoft Research labs.

This slide and the following are screenshots from the video.

Caption by / Photo by Microsoft
One of the concepts that Microsoft is big on is the idea that people will be able to have all their information with them and be able to work from any computer display. And, since they expect nearly every flat surface to be a display some day, that means working just about anywhere.
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Two girls from different countries communicate using a clear whiteboard that can do on-the-fly translation.
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A worker in the future will find that nearly everything in the office can serve as a computer display when needed. So much for that window view.
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