VMware browser

Curious how it might look to install the Windows 7 beta operating system on an iMac? I was, so I gave it a whirl with a little help from VMWare.

This slide shows Internet Explorer 8 as seen running within a virtual machine on an iMac using VMware Fusion.

Photo by: CNET News

Desktop and start menu

The Windows 7 desktop and start menu, as seen running on an iMac using VMware.
Photo by: CNET News

Install screen

The install screen as Windows 7 is being installed on a virtual machine onto an iMac using VMware Fusion.
Photo by: CNET News

Facebook Scramble

VMware Fusion had no problem with Facebook, including running Flash apps like the Boggle-like Scramble.
Photo by: CNET News

Windows 7 setup

VMware Fusion has a feature that lets users enter their password and product key at the outset of the Windows installation, letting the rest of the process proceed without user intervention.
Photo by: CNET News


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