Illuminating Aerelight's OLED desk lamp (pictures)

This futuristic fixture wants to help usher in the OLED era.

Ry Crist
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Aerelight OLED Desk Lamp

The Aerelight OLED Desk Lamp is a new luxury fixture from Toronto-based startup OTI Lumonics. Click through to see what this fancy lamp is capable of.

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Slim design

The Aerelight sports a very attractive, very slim build, with an anodized aluminum body and an OLED panel.

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Pick a color

The Aerelight comes in three colors: black, red and silver.

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Light up your workstation

You can choose among three brightness settings, too.

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Minimum setting

Here's a book illuminated by Aerelight's minimum setting. You'd probably want something a little brighter to read by.

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Medium setting

The medium setting does the trick.

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Maximum setting

For even more brightness, you can dial things up to maximum.

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Compared with Cree

For comparison, here's that same book illuminated by a Cree 60W Replacement LED.

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Touch controls

There's no switch on the Aerelight -- the entire body is a capacitive touch surface. Tap anywhere to turn it on, or to bump the brightness up.

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Qi charging capabilities

There's also a Qi charger built into the base. Set your Qi-enabled smartphone down, and it'll charge wirelessly.

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You'll find Qi-charging capabilities in a lot of Android phones. If you're using a phone that doesn't have Qi built-in (an iPhone, for instance), you can purchase a special Qi case.

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Price point

The Aerelight retails for $240 (about £160 in the UK, plus an extra fee for overseas shipping). That's obviously quite a lot to pay for a desk lamp, but among OLED fixtures, it's actually one relatively inexpensive (emphasis on "relatively"). Is it worth the splurge? Let our full review help you decide.

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