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Apple's Fifth Avenue store

Apple's retail stores turn 10 years old today. To mark the occasion, CNET is taking a look at some of the company's most iconic or otherwise noteworthy stores around the world.

Apple now has more than 320 stores, with most of those in the U.S. The company plans to build 40 more this year, with 30 of those being international.

Pictured here is the company's iconic Fifth Avenue store in New York. The store is actually underground. According to a study by Cornell in 2009, this location is one of the most photographed places in the city, as well as one of the most visited by tourists and locals alike.

Photo by: Apple

Apple's Sanlitun store

Apple's retail store in Sanlitun village in the Chaoyang district of Beijing stretches across a walkway, creating a covering for pedestrians to pass through.

Photo by: Apple

Apple Store on London's Regent Street

Apple's multi-level retail store on London's busy Regent Street drew 11,000 visitors on its opening day. The store continues to be one of the company's busiest in the world.

Photo by: Stephen Shankland/CNET

Apple Store, Shanghai

Not to be outdone by the Fifth Avenue "cube" location, Apple's store in the Pudong district of Shanghai is a massive cylinder of glass that stretches up out of the ground. Visitors descend into Apple's retail store, which features 16,000 square feet of space. The store was Apple's second in China, with the first being in Beijing.

Photo by: Apple

Apple Store, Upper West Side

Apple's store on the Upper West Side of New York is almost entirely glass, held up by supporting walls made of marble.

Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

Apple Store, Boston

Apple's flagship retail store in Boston does a good job at not blending in with its surroundings. The store, which opened up in early 2008, was Apple's largest in the U.S., and featured three levels connected by an elevator and a glass, spiral staircase.

Photo by: Apple

Apple Store, Covent Garden in London

Apple's Covent Garden store in London was one of the company's biggest, and most expensive undertakings, completely renovating an 1870s building to turn it into a large retail space. The store scales three levels, with Apple managing to retain much of the original building's materials and aesthetic.

Photo by: Apple

The Ginza store in Tokyo

Apple's Ginza store in Tokyo is one of the company's flagship retail locations. Following the earthquake and tsunami that hit the region earlier this year, Apple's retail stores reportedly became a news source for locals to check e-mail and keep up with new reports.

Photo by: Apple

Apple's Lincoln Park store in Chicago

This store in Chicago's Lincoln Park has a rather unique look shared by only a few other Apple stores, including the Bondi location in Australia.

Photo by: Apple

Apple's Opera store in Paris

Similar to the Covent Garden store in London, the Apple Opera store in Paris retains much of the same architecture that was there before Apple moved in, including columns that stretch up to the vaulted ceilings.

Photo by: Apple

The Apple Store, Lourve

Apple's store at the bottom of the famous Louvre museum in Paris can be found just below the iconic glass pyramid that juts up outside.

Photo by: Apple

Apple Store, Perth City

While on the inside this looks much like any other Apple store, the outside of the Perth City, Australia, retail location has lots of charm.

Photo by: Apple

Apple Store, San Francisco

Right near CNET's home base in San Francisco, the downtown Apple store features two levels, joined by a glass staircase. There's a large Genius Bar as well as a theater for demos, classes, and speaker events.

Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Apple Store, Osaka Japan

Apple's Shinsaibashi store in Osaka, Japan, is rather unique in that its entrance is the corner of a much larger building. Visitors filter in from the adjacent crosswalk.

Photo by: <a href=",_Osaka.jpg" />Brandon Daniel/Wikimedia</a>

Apple Store, Montreal

Apple's two-level store in Montreal has a single glass window that lets outsiders view both levels.

Photo by: Apple

Apple Store, Munich

Apple's Rosenstrase store in Munich was its first retail store in Germany.

Photo by: Apple

Rud De Rive store in Switzerland

Apple's Rue De Rive store in Switzerland features a distinct ceiling with rolling arches bathed in uplighting.

Photo by: Apple

Apple store in Sydney, Australia

Apple's three-floor retail store in Sydney, Australia, takes up nearly 15,000 square feet and features a glass staircase that runs the length of the store. Apple opened this location in 2008.

Photo by: Apple


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