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Polish architecture firm KWK Promes built the boxy Safe House outside Warsaw in 2009, with little thought to the idea that it could serve as a refuge from zombies. With creepy cannibalistic attacks in the news, however, it seems a perfect hideaway because it can transform into a near-impregnable fortress.
Caption by / Photo by KWK Promes
Safe House has two modes -- open and closed. In open mode, seen here, the windows are open to the surrounding garden, and plenty of sunlight comes in.
Caption by / Photo by KWK Promes
The house's motorized side walls move outward and join the roadside wall, forming a courtyard. Visitors can be held here until the residents can see who they are and let them in.
Caption by / Photo by KWK Promes
The minimalist interior opens to the garden, which becomes an extension of the living room.
Caption by / Photo by KWK Promes
In the evening, the Safe House and its adjacent indoor pool glow with light before everything shuts for the night.
Caption by / Photo by KWK Promes
Konieczny's clients wanted security above all, and the most striking feature of the house is its ability to transform. When the house enters closed mode, a drawbridge to the pool roof goes up, preventing outside access to the second floor.
Caption by / Photo by KWK Promes
The enormous rear shutter rolls down, sealing off the interior from the garden.
Caption by / Photo by KWK Promes
Meanwhile, the large upstairs swing shut and the side walls retract, sealing off everyone inside from potential threats.
Caption by / Photo by KWK Promes

The Safe House becomes a concrete block in closed mode, so while zombies can bay for brains outside, you'll be nice and cozy within.

"The whole building is a concrete monolith, while its mobile parts -- for the sake of considerable size -- are light steel trusses filled with mineral wool," KWK Promes says. "As a result, the building is perfectly insulated when closed."

Caption by / Photo by KWK Promes
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