HTC Titan

The HTC Titan is a large and imposing phone thanks to its 4.7-inch display. The upside is that it has a wonderfully premium feel, with its aluminum body and sculpted edges.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

The Titan runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, which features bold graphics like live tiles and a new integration with Twitter in the People Hub.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Touch buttons

The HTC Titan has three touch-sensor keys underneath the display that correspond to the back, start, and search functions.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


The HTC Titan has a headset jack and a screen lock key at the top.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


Despite its size, the HTC Titan is quite slim at 0.37 inch.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


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