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HP TouchPad WebOS tour (screenshots)

Take a closer look at how HP's WebOS operating system works on the TouchPad tablet.

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Unlike many touch-screen keyboards we've tested, the TouchPad's on-screen keyboard uses a top row of dedicated numeric keys. The keyboard can also be resized using the button in the bottom-right corner, allowing more or less room on the screen for viewing your composition.
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The TouchPad's ability to triage e-mail is one of its standout features. During setup, the TouchPad prompts you to enter any and all of your e-mail accounts, including Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, and more.
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Browser cards

The TouchPad browser manages multiple pages by stacking them together. Pages can be pulled out from their stack and organized however you like.
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The TouchPad's Web browser is clean and capable, but is surprisingly not the standout feature we were hoping for.
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A maps app, powered by Microsoft Bing, allows you to quickly view the surrounding area and locate local businesses.
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Map views

A pull-down menu with the Maps app allows you to change the style of the data shown.
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Just as HP infuses its e-mail and calendar app with all of your online accounts, so, too, does the photos app. Your photos from Facebook, Photobucket, Snapfish, and others are all pulled in and cached to your TouchPad, alongside any photos you may have stored locally.
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The included messaging app also does a decent job of integrating several of the more popular instant-messaging services on the Web. At launch, HP builds in compatibility with AIM, Google Talk, Skype, and Yahoo. If you also happen to own an HP WebOS phone, you can pair the devices over Bluetooth and both send and receive SMS messages through the app, as well.
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Settings and notifications

A small pull-down menu for settings can be accessed in the top-right corner. Unobtrusive icons for notifications appear to the left of the menu.
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One of the core features of HP's WebOS is its integration with a broad range of Web-based services. After linking your accounts to the TouchPad's software, apps such as calendar, photos, messaging, and e-mail will automatically pull in your data from the Web.
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Account import

Once an account for a Web service has been imported, you can select what information for the account is used.
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Other apps

A pop-up menu from the home screen reveals more apps, including Bing Maps, an HP-authored Facebook app, Quickoffice, contacts, memos, Amazon Kindle, and more.
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Tabs running across the top of this menu can take you to device settings, a customizable listing of favorite apps, and a section for downloaded content that includes a link to HP's WebOS app store.
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HP App Catalog

The TouchPad can directly download third-party apps through the built-in HP App Catalog. Here again, HP took a chance to distinguish itself from the app-buying experience on the iPad or Android Market. Upon opening the HP App Catalog, users are presented with digital magazine called Pivot, which acts as a kind of shopping guide front end to the app catalog.
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App categories

A series of tabs running beneath the Pivot digital magazine offers a quick means to jump into the full app catalog, either browsing by category, or as a keyword search.
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If you own a WebOS phone, such as the HP Pre 3, you can pair it with your TouchPad. Once the two devices are linked you can then send and receive SMS messages on TouchPad by way of your phone. You also have the ability to wirelessly transfer content between devices by simply placing them together.
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Paired with a WebOS phone, such as the Palm Pre 3, you can use the TouchPad to both place and receive calls.
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Screen settings

The TouchPad includes settings to password protect the screen lock.
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Sounds and alerts

The TouchPad has Beats audio enhancement enabled by default, adding a little extra bottom end and clarity to music and video.

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