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Google's Music Beta service allows you to upload your music collection and stream it on any browser or Android device. In this slideshow we'll show you the setup involved and how the service works.
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After visiting and agreeing to Google's terms of service, you'll be shown an options page for receiving promotional music from Google. If you opt in, you can select what specific genres of music you're interested in receiving.
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To get started with uploading your music collection, you'll need to download Google's Music Manager application and walk through the following steps.
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The first step in configuring Google's Music Manager application is to associate it with your Google account. This will need to be the same account you used to request your Music Beta service.
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Next, you'll need to tell the Music Manager application where you store our music on your computer. iTunes is selected by default, but you can also configure Windows Media Player or a specific media folder.
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Music Manager can be set to automatically upload new music as soon as it's detected. Specific settings for how and when these updates occur can be configured later.
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Next, Music Manager scans your collection to prepare it for uploading. The service can accommodate up to 20,000 DRM-free songs in the MP3 or AAC format.
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Uploading begins automatically and the Music Manager application will now direct you to the Music Beta site to view and stream your collection while it uploads.
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The Google Music Manager application can be accessed from the toolbar at any time, allowing you to check on upload status and tweak your settings.
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Under the Music Manager's advanced settings you can configure automatic upload settings and decide whether to launch the application at start-up.
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The online settings for Music Beta include options for your managed devices as well as your current song count and the option to withdraw from the service.
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Beyond the ability to stream songs online using the Music Beta site, Android users are encouraged to download the free app. Using the app, you can download any song in your collection and cache your recently played songs for offline listening.
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