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Share music on Spotify - Now Playing

Spotify is a great way to listen to full songs and albums online, but many people neglect to take advantage of all of the unique music-sharing features baked into the program.

One example is down in the bottom-left corner near the Now Playing window. Here you'll find a Share button that will blast out a song link and personal message to your linked Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, or Microsoft Messenger accounts.

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Share music on Spotify - Right-click

You can get this share option when you right-click on a playlist or any track on Spotify, whether it's playing or not. This same menu also offers direct links to the songs, which you can plug into whatever social network or blog post you want.

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Share music on Spotify - Drag and drop

If you don't want to scream your love of Neil Diamond to the world, you can also share music to individual friends by dragging and dropping songs on their icon and adding a message.

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Share music on Spotify - Inbox

On their end, they'll see the music you've shared in their inbox, located up in the left corner.

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Share music on Spotify -

If you're a user who's already comfortable sharing your listening habits in that arena, it's worth mentioning that Spotify can scrobble your plays automatically. Open up the Preferences menu and you'll see a option right at the top.

For a video version of this tutorial, check out CNET's How To blog.

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