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ZS Acoustics showroom

The best speakers won't sound their best if your room's acoustics aren't cooperating. Trust me on this, I've heard my share of high-end speakers foiled by a room's harsh echoes, boomy bass, and reflections. GIK Acoustics wall panels, bass traps, and diffusors, are all custom-made to order in Atlanta, GA, and they can significantly improve the sound of any room. GIK is also based in the UK

Zalan Schuster's high-end audio showroom in Bratislava, Slovakia is filled with GIK products, including 242 Acoustic Panels, 244 Bass Traps, Monster Bass Traps on side walls. GridFusors (also called VersiFusors) and Monster Bass Traps behind speakers, Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps in corners. 

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Christopher's listening room

Christopher kept it simple and went for GIK Rectangle 6A Alpha Series with 2-D Scattering blonde plates on black fabric and Rectangle 244 Bass Traps on the ceiling.

Published:Caption:Photo:Christopher Massa
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Ben's luxurious home theater

On the side walls of Ben's home theater he opted for GIK Rectangle 244 Bass Traps in Burgundy and two more in Pure White, on the ceiling two more 244 panels. The room's front corners are running corner CT Alpha Bass Traps.

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GIK 242 Acoustic Panels

You'll see 242 panels used in many installations in this gallery, prices start at $39.50/£36.50 per panel. Don't worry, you don't have to figure how to use the panels on your own, GIK's US and UK designers are available to answer your questions. 

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Eric's instruments and dogs

Eric's bass, guitars, and doggies! Along with GIK Square 242 Panels; and Rectangle 242 panels. 

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Luigi-Lusini Mixing and Mastering Studio

This Italian studio's symmetrical design looks cool and uses GIK's Monster Bass Trap with Range Limiter in black, Rectangle 244 Bass Trap in white, and Custom 242 Acoustic Panels.

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Dan's high-end listening room

Dan opted for GIK Evolution PolyFusors in standard gray and Rectangle Monster Bass Traps to tame his room's acoustic issues.

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Rupert Neve Designs

Rupert Neve is a legendary name in designing recording studio gear, and this studio relies on GIK Rectangle 4A Alpha Series with 1-D Scattering blonde plates, Soffit Bass Traps, Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps, and Rectangle 244 Bass Traps.

Published:Caption:Photo:Rupert Neve Designs
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Richard's high-end audio system

Richard's audio system wouldn't sound the same without GIK Corner CT Alpha Bass Traps with 1-D Scattering blonde plates; and Rectangle 242 Acoustic Panels in off-white fabric.

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GIK Soffit Bass traps

Bass traps do what the name implies, they "trap" bass that thickens or muddies bass in rooms. You'll see these traps in many systems in this gallery. Prices start at $229/£208 each.

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Overture Audio soundroom

I think dealer Overture Audio has particularly well set up rooms, like this one using GIK panels on the left side of the image. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Overture Audio
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Looking sharp Las Vegas recording studio

The Studio DMI control room features GIK Rectangle 242 Acoustic Panels in black, Rectangle 244 Bass Traps, and GridFusors painted black.

Published:Caption:Photo:Studio DMI
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Justin's max-ed out home theater

Justin's home theater looks deadly serious, and relies on GIK's Soffit Bass Traps, Rectangle 242 Acoustic Panels, black Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps in black, Rectangle 244 Bass Traps in black, and Rectangle Monster Bass Traps with Scatter Plate in black fabric.

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Marco's music room

Marco selected GIK Impression Series panels with Gatsby Arches design mahogany plates and off-white fabric; the off white Soffit Bass Traps, an one off-white 244 Bass Trap mounted in upper corner.

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GIK diffusors

These wall mount panels break up room reflections that muddle your sound. Prices start at $59/£65 each. 

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Abbey Road Institute teaching lab

Students in the Abbey Road Institute teaching lab that's outfitted with GIK Corner CT Alpha Bass Traps with 1-D Scattering blonde plates on black fabric, and Square 242 Acoustic Panels in red fabric.

Published:Caption:Photo:Abbey Road Institute
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Ian's lavish home theater

Ian selected GIK Rectangle and Square Impression Series panels with Gatsby Arches design blonde plate on black fabric, and Soffit Bass Traps stacked in corners in black fabric.

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Melissa Warneck’s recording studio

Melissa Warneck's Boston, Mass recording studio uses GIK FreeStand Bass Traps; Rectangle 244 Bass Traps, Square 4A Alpha Series with 1-D Scattering blonde plates on black fabric, and Rectangle 244 Bass Traps in white on the ceiling.

Published:Caption:Photo:Melissa Warneck
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Cristian Paul Sasarman's studio

In Germany Christian Paul Sasarman's cozy studio uses GIK Rectangle 242 Acoustic Panels in black, custom Monster Bass Traps in blue, and custom FreeStand Gobos in blue. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Cristian Paul Sasarman
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Lounging in Ryan's studio

Ryan McDougall's minimalist approach required just a few GIK Rectangle Square 244 Bass Traps in off-white fabric, and custom Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps to perfect his room's sound. 

I hope these installations of GIK Acoustics panels gave you some ideas on how to improve your room's sound. Remember too that GIK techs can help speed the process along.

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