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Hitcase on ChestR mount

The Hitcase at CES 2013 makes a case for being a leader in the rugged iPhone case market. Its size and weight means it's not meant to be left on all the time, but it should survive your action sports adventures.

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Hitcase from behind

This is the standard version of the Hitcase on display at CES 2013. The Pro version adds a glass lens to improve the field of vision.

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Hitcase opens like a book

The interior of the Hitcase holds your iPhone snugly in place. Note the rubbery-looking pattern on the right-hand side. This provides shock protection should you take a tumble off your mountain bike at high speeds.

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Hitcase seals up for waterproof protection

The Hitcase isn't kidding around when it comes to waterproofing. It can keep your iPhone high and dry in up to 33 feet of water. Time for some scuba diving.

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Trying on the ChestR mount

The Hitcase ChestR mount won't be making its debut on a Paris runway anytime soon, but the stretchy design and ease of putting it on are points in its favor.

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