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110-inch Ultra HDTV

Take a quick virtual tour of the Hisense booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas.

Back in 2012, Hisense promised Ultra HD panels in a variety of sizes, and it hasn't disappointed at CES. From super-sized screens to more sensible sizes, Hisense was showing off a lot of TV technology on its stand.

It's official: 2013 is now the year of the 110-inch TV, with more massive models than you can shake a stick at. Hisense jumps into the fray with this model.

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Gesture control

Like many other manufacturers, Hisense is experimenting with alternative control systems, including gesture control, with the help of a built-in camera.

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84-inch Ultra HD

Remember when 84 inches seemed big? Hisense joins LG, Sony, Samsung and many others in the 84-inch form factor.

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Smaller Ultra HD

As promised, Hisense has Ultra HD resolution in smaller-sized screens..

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Pulse Google TV

Google TV has proven popular this year, with LG, Samsung, TCL and more all demoing Google TV-enabled TVs and boxes. The Pulse from Hisense is 1080p, with picture tech and access to Google Play and other Google services.

Nic Healey travelled to CES as a guest of LG.

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