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High-tech Happy Hound

A furry little critter frolics in the "Hound Town" for small dogs at Happy Hound Play and Daycare in Oakland, Calif. Happy Hound lets owners keep tabs on their pets via Web cam.

You can check out our full video report on high-tech pet services here. In the meantime, we present some happy customers, to see if we can get you to blurt out, "Awww..."
Photo by: Jared Kohler/CNET

Slide show-off

Another Happy Hound customer mugs for the Web cam. He's quite the center of attention at home say Happy Hound staff members. Can you tell?
Photo by: Jared Kohler/CNET

A nose is a nose

These Happy Hounds bagged the Web cam and went for CNET's video camera instead. Clearly they were ready for their close-up.
Photo by: Jared Kohler/CNET

Prowling pooch

This pristine pup wouldn't stop following us... or maybe she was just enthralled with our camera lights.
Photo by: Jared Kohler/CNET

Chill ville

Happy Hound is like an "urban dog park," according to owner Suzanne Golter. And indeed, the space was filled with the yaps and barks and sounds of little paws on pavement. Here is a rare moment of calm in Hound Town.
Photo by: Jared Kohler/CNET

Doggie duo

This pair is never separated, according to the staff at Happy Hound.

Check out a video report from CNET's Kara Tsuboi on Happy Hound and other high-tech pet services here.
Photo by: Jen Haley/CNET


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