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BeOn BR30 Smart LED Floodlight

BeOn makes Bluetooth-enabled smart bulbs with built-in batteries and a veritable plethora of cool, security-minded features. Click through to take a look at the new floodlight that's joining the lineup.

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The new bulb is a BR30-shaped floodlight designed for use in recessed fixture. The difference is directionality -- the original, A-shaped bulb puts light out in all directions, but BR30 bulbs reflect all of the light up and out. That makes it an ideal pick for overhead downlighting or spotlighting.

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You'll pair each bulb with the BeOn app to enable the smart features.

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The yellow battery charges automatically whenever the lights are turned on. Then, if the light is switched off (or if the power goes out), you'll be still be able to turn the bulb on and off using the app. They'll also listen for the sound of your doorbell or alarm, then turn on automatically when they hear something.

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Moving forward, new battery modules could offer new features, like Wi-Fi connectivity or compatibility with Apple HomeKit.


The new BeOn floodlights are due out "in the coming weeks." There's no official word on pricing yet, but they're expected to sell for roughly the same price as the originals: $75 per bulb, $200 for a three-bulb starter pack.

Published:Caption:Photo:Ry Crist/CNET
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