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Oracle Delphi turntable

Boulder 2060 power amplifier

Woo Audio WA234 headphone amplifier

Burmester 808 Mk 5 stereo preamplifier

Viva Audio

Philips 952A portable turntable

Original Reference Grado headphones

Viola Labs Crescendo

YG Acoustics Carmel speaker

Devialet D-Premier integrated amplifier

The Oracle Delphi was originally introduced in 1979, and it's still going strong. I always thought it was the most beautiful turntable ever made.
Caption by / Photo by Wes Bender
The Boulder 2060 might be the poster boy for heavy-metal power amplifiers. It can deliver as much as 2,400 watts, weighs 240 pounds, and sounds amazing. It's made in Boulder, Colo.
Caption by / Photo by Steve Guttenberg/CNET
Here's the Woo Audio WA234 dual-chassis stereo headphone amplifier. Astonishing in design and sound, and it's made in New York City!
Caption by / Photo by Woo Audio
The Burmester 808 Mk 5 stereo preamplifier has a modular design and uses plug-in circuit boards. The original 808 was introduced in 1980. It's still made in Germany.
Caption by / Photo by Burmester
Viva Audio components are hand-crafted in Italy; they have a unique style and fabulous sound. Custom paint finishes are available by request.
Caption by / Photo by Wes Bender
I love the design of this portable Philips 952A turntable, from 1942 (seen from the rear). Watch this YouTube video to see the turntable in action.
Caption by / Photo by Theo Braakman
This HP-2 headphone was designed by Joe Grado, and hand-built by his nephew John Grado in the 1980s. John now owns the company and designs all of the current headphones and phono cartridges. Nearly all Grado products, with prices starting around $79, are made in Brooklyn, NY.
Caption by / Photo by Steve Guttenberg/CNET
The Viola Labs Crescendo sounds as good as it looks. Japanese audiophiles are among the world's most demanding perfectionists, and they account for a healthy percentage of Viola's customers. The electronics are assembled in New Haven, Conn., and the machined metal chassis parts are sourced from a firm in Colorado.
Caption by / Photo by Wes Bender
The Carmel is the most affordable speaker from YG Acoustics. The cabinet is constructed of machined aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.
Caption by / Photo by YG Acoustics
The Devialet D-Premier integrated amplifier is fashioned from a single aluminum casting, polished to a high shine. It can be positioned horizontally on a shelf or mounted on a wall. The D-Premier is made in France.
Caption by / Photo by Devialet
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