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GE's new line of LEDs are branded "HD Light." All of them promise better light quality for your home, but what does that mean, exactly? Let's take a closer look.

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Relax LED

The first new bulb is the "Relax" LED. It features a warm, candle-like glow designed to help you wind down in the evening.

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Refresh LED

The second bulb is the "Refresh" LED. It has a much hotter, much more bluish-white color temperature than the Relax LED, which is designed to help you stay focused and energized throughout the day.

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Reveal LED

The third bulb is the Reveal LED. It blocks a little bit of light from the yellow part of the spectrum from escaping the bulbs -- this helps it make the colors in your home look more vivid, but it also means that the Reveal LED is a bit less bright than its brethren.

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Not as bright

Here's a good example of what you get with the Reveal LED. It does a better job with the color of the purple wall, but the Relax LED is noticeably brighter.

Published:Caption:Photo:Ry Crist/CNET

Candy comparison

All three of GE's HD Light LEDs offer noticeably strong color accuracy, but the Reveal is still the best and least yellow.

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Check out the yellows

Compare the Reveal LED's light to this 60-watt incandescent on the left. The Reveal LED produces cleaner whites thanks to the muted yellow tones, but that also means it produces yellows that are less saturated.

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GE's HD Light LEDs start at $8 for a two-pack of Relax bulbs, with two packs of the Refresh and Reveal LEDs selling for $9 and $10, respectively. Check out our full GE 60-watt Equivalent HD Light LED review for all of the pros and cons.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET
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