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Sky pod

Under development by a French company, the Cocoon Tree is a spherical tent that can hang from trees or sit on the ground. It's being targeted at hotels and beach resorts.
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In the canopy

The cocoon is secured with 12 polyester ropes that can support 1.6 tons each. The outer tarpaulin is held up by 24 aluminum rods.
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Outdoor orb

The outer tarp is waterproof, and the door to the pod has netting to keep the bugs out.
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The cocoon can be accessed via netting underneath it, which doubles as a safety device.
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Ocean views

The French firm behind the Cocoon Tree will offer an installation and maintenance service. At about 130 pounds, it's not easily portable, so it's expected to stay in place once set up.
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A private nest

The Cocoon Tree is about 10 feet wide, large enough for two adults and two small children. A French media report says it will sell for just over $7,000.
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