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Hi, S Voice Drive

Samsung launched the S Voice Drive app>, debuting first on the Galaxy S4. A standalone app designed specifically for the automotive cabin, S Voice Drive uses voice commands to place calls, play music via Bluetooth, send messages, and, of course, take you where you want to go.

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Here it goes

I have typically found S Voice to be extremely slow and laggy. It's hard to gauge performance from my brief experience deep within a GPS-blocking building, but S Voice didn't feel as slow as in the past.

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Play that funky music, Galaxy

The first command I tried was to play a song. I didn't know what was preloaded onto this device, so I just cried out, "Play music!" And it did.

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Navigate me to coffee

I also made the most typical demand that I could, asking for the phone to take me to Starbucks. I wasn't able to vocally choose which location I wanted by street name, a drawback, but there may have been some other way to voice my preference. Instead, I tapped.

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