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Here at Mobile World Congress, Sony Ericsson has unveiled what it dubs the future of mobile entertainment -- a 12-megapixel concept handset currently known as Idou.

This will be the first 12-megapixel mobile to hit the UK when Sony Ericsson releases it later this year. It's a fully touchscreen device, featuring a 16:9 display, a xenon flash for making those 12-megapixel photos even smarter in low light, and the latest Symbian operating system for running games and movies.

Previously Sony Ericsson has kept advanced music features in its Walkman brand of handsets, and advanced optics and flash features in the Cyber-shot brand. But Idou looks to break down those walls and combine the best of everything, making it the ultimate Sony Ericsson -- one that clearly hopes to rip the iPhone from its oh-so-high horse.

"The Idou is possibly one of Sony Ericsson's best handsets yet," said our man Andrew Lim from the Sony Ericsson event today, while the rest of us were stuck on planes. "It looks terrific and the screen is amazing. You can't help feeling though that it's an iPhone clone, and will therefore be competing head-on with Apple's darling, which is a tough task."

What do you think? Has the Idou got the promise Sony Ericsson believes it has? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, but not before checking out Andrew's gallery of Idou photos over the next few pages.

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From the rear, Idou offers a typical Cyber-shot appearance.
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It's not the size zero of handsets, but technology has only progressed so far when it comes to cramming chips and optics into cases.
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