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Sony Ericsson have been very protective of the Xperia X1. At the recent trade shows the X1 has either been behind glass or in the tight grip of a Sony Ericsson employee.

Our colleagues at CNET Asia have "pulled some strings" (read: made Sony Ericsson an offer they could not refuse) to score hands-on photos of the X1 with the Windows Mobile interface on screen for the first time, rather than the impressive looking "Xperia panels" display.

Open for business
The Xperia X1 open, QWERTY keypad exposed and ready for business.

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Don't worry, be happy
Two buttons every smartphone should have: the blue button and the smiley-face key.

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By the power of Windows
The Xperia X1 will operate on Windows Mobile 6.1, the latest version of the increasingly popular mobile operating platform.

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The X1 features an arc-sliding form factor, tilting the screen slightly towards the user when opened.

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Made for media
Unlike many smartphones -- and Sony Ericsson handsets for that matter -- the Xperia X1 sports a 3.5mm headphone port.

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We don't know what these are
Is it just us or do those two glowing red LEDs make the X1 look like a sinister tech-monster?

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