Motorola Citrus

The Motorola Citrus is a simple entry-level Android phone, with a slate style and 3-inch QVGA display. It has nice rounded corners and we like the curved feel of the back. The screen looks nice and bright.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

Slice of Citrus

The Motorola Citrus is 4.09 inches long by 2.32 inches wide by 0.59 inch thick and weighs 3.11 ounces. It's made out of 25 percent post recycled plastic, and Motorola claims it is PVC and BFR free.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET


The Motorola Citrus has a 3-megapixel camera and a BackTrack trackpad on the back. You can use the trackpad as an alternative to the touch screen for navigating the phone. We admit we're not big fans of the trackpad; it just feels awkward trying to scroll through pages by swiping the back of the phone. Still, we imagine it's one of those things you'll either love or hate.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

Virtual QWERTY

Other features of the phone include the virtual QWERTY keyboard seen here, an internal accelerometer, Android 2.1, EV-DO Rev. 0, stereo Bluetooth, a 3.5mm headset jack, GPS, and Wi-Fi.
Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET


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