What's in the box with the dots?

Calling all units! We get up close and personal with LG's first watch phone to find its way down under.

Like all of LG's high-end mobile phone products, the GD910 ships in this sturdy and attractive hard case.

Photo by: CBSi

The big reveal

Regardless of what you think about LG mobile products, you can't criticise its sense of style. The GD910 is as elegant as a watch phone can be, which looks more like a watch than a chunky piece of tech.

Photo by: CBSi

Boot me up

The LG watch phone booting up. Even with all the mobile bits and pieces inside, the GD910 isn't much heavier than a standard metal wrist watch.

Photo by: CBSi

At the third stroke the time will be...

In case there was any doubt, here is the watch face. Well, one of them. There is half a dozen or more different clock styles to choose from.

Photo by: CBSi

Music man

Yep, that's right folks. This snazzy Dick Tracy watch even plays MP3s. Perfect for those long, cold nights out on a stakeout. Nothing kills the time waiting for crims like a little Michael Bublé.

Photo by: CBSi

Calling all units!

The GD910 is a 3G phone, but with no web browser to speak of; the only use for the 3G networking is for video calling.

Photo by: CBSi

What's on the menu?

The main menu has only four options: contacts, messages, settings and utilities. This is definitely not a phone you need to fiddle with too much.

Photo by: CBSi

Push the button

Here you see the GD910's only three mechanical buttons. Everything else is controlled through the touchscreen, which we have to say is one of LG's best and most responsive touchscreens of the year.

Photo by: CBSi

Adjustable wrist band

That's right folks, this isn't a one-size-fits-all, you can actually adjust the wrist band! But seriously, the GD910 features all the stuff you'd expect in a watch, including dust and water resistance.

Photo by: CBSi

SIM-ple to install

Just like the iPhone, the GD910 comes with its very own SIM installer tool, a small plastic triangle for removing the battery cover underneath. The battery isn't user removable, but it does come with a very cool-looking charging dock.

Photo by: CBSi


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