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For the photographer: $10 gliding camera strap

Step aside, neck strap, there's a better option in town. Avid photographers, including point-and-shoot owners, can benefit from a camera strap that takes the weight off the neck, and instead slings across the body.

Better yet, the camera glides along the strap, offering quick access for unexpected shots.

This DIY gift looks fantastic, and costs an easy $10. Follow the step-by-step.

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For the multitasker: Lamp turned flexible phone stand

This flexible phone stand is perfect for video calls, shameless self-portraits, and best of all, placing a smartphone alongside a computer screen. The gift recipient will never know that all it took was a little elbow grease and an old gooseneck lamp.

Get the tutorial.

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For the snow dweller: Touch-screen-friendly gloves

Freezing temperatures won't stop most of us from checking our phones. Make the habit a bit easier for someone this season by crafting a set of these touch-screen-friendly gloves. You're only a few stitches away from a unique, custom gift. Follow the easy tutorial here.

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For the bookworm: Charging phone dock

Book nerds will love this hack that turns an old hard cover into a charging phone stand. Head to the used bookstore, pick up a classic book, and craft a stand that promises to be a fun conversation piece. Follow this tutorial to get started.
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For the Insta-addict: Instagram Photo Strips

We've seen Instagram canvas art and Instagram magnets, but one of the best ways to show off an Instagram photo library is with the ol' photo strip.

Comb through your gift recipient's library and find their best shots to create photo strips that fit perfectly in everyone's stocking. Here's how.

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For any tech lover: A custom USB thumb drive

Anyone who appreciates practicality will love the custom USB thumb drive you crafted for them this season. From Legos to old floppy disks, there's a USB flavor for everyone on your list. Better yet, put your creative cap on and come up with your own unique version.

When you're done, load it up with some extra goodies, like a playlist, a few favorite recipes, or a heartfelt photo slideshow.

Check out these tutorials for custom USB thumb drives.

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Wrap it up with a QR code gift tag

Whether you DIYed a gift or purchased one, don't forget the gift tag. Kick it up a notch this year by programming a QR code tag that takes the recipient to a personal video wishing them a happy holiday season.

Videos for everyone on your list isn't necessary, but this can be especially appropriate for long distance friends and relatives. Get the tutorial here.

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