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Super Stardust Delta

Already an established staple on PlayStation 3, the portable version of Super Stardust shined on the Vita, thanks to its dual analog sticks and touch screen.

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Another game that shined on other platforms like PC, Machinarium is a gorgeous title that's fun for gamers of any age. The point-and-click based puzzler will have you scratching your head but will keep you entertained with its lovable characters and theme.

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Sound Shapes

Addictive as much as it is inventive, the rhythmic platformer Sound Shapes turned the Vita community upside-down with its music-focused level design and set of professional composers that kept the flow of the game diverse and balanced.

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Thomas Was Alone

Originally developed as a flash game, Thomas Was Alone takes place inside a computer mainframe where you play as a rectangular object that must make its way through various puzzles.

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We're sure you've heard us gush over LIMBO before because it's easily one of independent gaming's best offerings. Now that the game has made its way to the Vita, there's absolutely no reason not to give it a try.

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Gorgeous in not just its art but also design, Dokuro is an adventure puzzler presented through the guise of a child's storybook. While it may have been overlooked since its 2012 release, Dokuro is a worthy title for any new Vita owner.

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Retro City Rampage

Heavily influenced by Grand Theft Auto, Retro City Rampage makes no excuses for its excessively violent, yet over-the-top open-world presentation. It's a parody that should be experienced by anyone old enough to appreciate the classic top-down view GTA used to be played in.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Vblank Entertainment
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Hotline Miami

Another top-down adventure, Hotline Miami is obsessed with '80s culture and the closest thing we'll ever get to a true-to-life adaptation of the movie "Drive."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Dennation Games
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Stylish, sharp, and most importantly fun to play, Guacamelee! and its Mexican luchadore theme will have you smirking your way through the game's campaign.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Drinkbox Studios
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Lone Survivor

Already a success on the Mac and PC, Lone Survivor is a 2D survival horror game that takes players on a mission to find out what happened to a disease-ravaged world. Lone Survivor is set to make its way to the Vita this summer

Updated:Caption:Photo:Superflat Games
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Hohokum plays more like an interactive screensaver than it does traditional game. That's fine, though, as it's a gorgeous experience that you'll get lost in when it hits the Vita in 2014.

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The tough-as-nails never-the-same-game-twice Spelunky features a completely randomized level generator that ensures nothing will ever look the same. It's experienced all kinds of praise on other platforms, but finally arrives on the portable scene later this summer.

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