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Pebble Steel cuts a sharp profile

Original Pebble: the same, but plastic

Jawbone Up24: always-on tracking

Misfit Shine: tiny tracker

Fitbit Flex: Flexible and capable pedometer

Samsung Gear Fit: A new twist on fitness tracking

Nike Fuelband SE: Fuel to do it

Make it a Moto

The best smartwatch is still the Pebble Steel: it's waterproof, works with iPhones and Android, runs lots of apps, and has a brand new stainless steel design that's very sharp and a little retro. It's not perfect, but it's the best bet.

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For a hundred dollars less, the original Pebble Watch is $150 and has the same features as the more expensive Steel, and runs the same software. It's just made of plastic. You can change the watchband, though. How high does your budget go?

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If your grad isn't interested in a watch but wants fitness tracking with a bit of lifestyle coaching, Jawbone Up24 is the perfect solution. Not only is it comfortable to wear, the Up24 also communicates wirelessly with smartphones and uses an engaging, yet intuitive, mobile app to report activity and sleep performance.

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One of the few fitness trackers that’s fully waterproof, the Misfit Shine can be popped into a wristband or clipped on jogging shorts, and its LED clock-face display feels like it came from the far future. It also tracks sleep automatically.

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Built by the originator of the fitness tracker product category, the Fitbit Flex is our top pedometer pick now that the Fitbit Force is recalled. The Flex records daily steps, sleep, and is water resistant. It syncs easily with iOS or Android, too.

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A bleeding-edge fitness band with a dash of smartwatch, Gear Fit is one of the newest gadgets out there. That's a blessing and a curse. A curved OLED display with eye-popping color and a built-in heart rate monitor, plus the ability to get notifications, offer lots of extras...but the software's a work in progress. And, you need a compatible Samsung smartphone.

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If the person you're shopping for is a Nike fan and owns an iPhone, consider the Fuelband SE. A follow-up to the company’s popular first Fuelband, it has the same cool LED watch screen as before, calculates Nike Fuel points based on your activity, and works well as a stand-alone travel band.

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Motorola hasn’t actually started selling the Moto 360 just yet. But, maybe you want to give your grad an IOU gift raincheck, because this could be the best smartwatch of the year. A round display, support for Google’s new Android Wear software, and a great design: maybe it's worth waiting for this summer.

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