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Sony KDL-32R400A

Samsung UNF5000 series

Vizio E0i-A1

Samsung PNF5500 series

Sony KDL-W850B series

Vizio M series

Samsung UNH6350 series

Philips Screenio HDP1590

Starting off small, the affordable 32-inch KDL-32R400A will fit into any new dorm room or tiny friend-filled apartment.

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Then again, Smart features might not matter to the grad who already watches everything through a Chromecast. Samsung's base-bones UNF5000 is the perfect complement to external devices.

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The practical, brand-unconscious grad will dig Vizio's E series. Yes, it has Smart TV and minimalist styling, but the real draw is solid picture quality. If this 2013 version proves hard to find, look for the 2014 "B" model numbers.

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Truly know-it-all grads know that plasma delivers great picture quality for the money, and they also know the technology is getting rarer--and thus, waaaay cooler. Enter the PNF5500 series (with Smart TV) or, if you can't find it, the PNF5300 (without).

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We know this is a silly question, but does your grad like video games on a giant TV? If the answer is yes, and you can afford it, Sony's 60- and (gasp) 70-inch KDL-W850B, with its ultra-quick input lag, is the perfect reward for all that studying.

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Is your grad kinda weird? You know, weird enough to actually like 3D movies? The M series is one of the best ways to get to that other dimension, and its passive 3D technology means he'll have plenty of glasses for all his weird friends too.

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Available in sizes from 32 to 75 inches, all of which boast that trademark sleek Samsung styling, spider-leg stand, and the most content-rich Smart TV suite in the business, the Samsung UNH6350 is sure to please the discerning gadget-happy grad.

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Iconoclast? Lover of the unique and unusual? Android fanatic? If any of these things describe your grad, and you really want to please him or her, the strange-duck Philips Screenio projector could be just the thing.

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