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The new GBike

The winning entry among an internal competition to design a new bike to tool around Google's Mountain View campus features a steel frame, 24-inch wheels, a coaster brake and a hand brake. And it's painted in Google's familiar red, yellow, green, and blue. The company will roll out the new model by the end of April.
Photo by: Google

The runner-up

This bike design came in second in the Google competition. It features coaster brakes, a three-speed gearing system in its hub, and 24-inch wheels. A lighting system was powered by the front wheel.
Photo by: Google

The third-place bike

Here's a sketch of the design that came in third place. This bike featured a BMX-style frame with 24-inch wheels. Though not visible in the schematic, the design also called for a rear reflector mounted on the fender and a fine mesh basket to accommodate silverware in case Googlers need travel across campus with a meal.
Photo by: Google

The current GBike

The current GBike features small wheels, which add to the aesthetic but make them uncomfortable to ride for tall folks. Google introduced this GBike in 2010.
Photo by: Google

Grab-and-go bikes

Google has outfitted its Mountain View campus with hundreds of GBikes that employees can grab from racks scattered near buildings to ride to their next meeting.
Photo by: Google

The first GBikes

The first generation GBike, the blue bikes to the left in this photo, are beach cruisers. Google introduced those bikes in 2008.
Photo by: Google


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