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New TV and Movies section

From the released screenshots of the updated Google TV, the new interface certainly looks to be a big improvement on last year's Google TV experience. There's a new section called TV and Movies, which presents a browsing-friendly interface that combines content from your cable/satellite service, Netflix,, YouTube, and HBO Go.
Photo by: Google

Filter content by what's currently playing

The new TV and Movies section also includes pricing information and lets you filter by content that's currently playing live.
Photo by: Google

Android Market comes to Google TV

The addition of the Android Market could be the killer feature for Google TV, but it entirely depends on whether it attracts developers. The list of Google TV-optimized apps currently available on the Android Market Web site is underwhelming, especially without major services like Hulu Plus or Vudu.
Photo by: Google

All-apps interface

Many of the redesigned Google TV interfaces look nice, but the main apps screen is stuck with small icons.
Photo by: Google

Home screen icons

The left-hand navigation scheme of the initial Google TV appears to have been replaced by a row of icons along the bottom.
Photo by: Google

Chrome browsing

Google TV will still have Chrome, but that aspect of Google TV seems to have been decidedly de-emphasized in the latest update.
Photo by: Google


Search is also said to be improved in the new Google TV and capable of searching through the same services available in the TV and Movies section. Google says search also does a better job of filtering out content providers that currently block Google TV from accessing their services, which was a major problem with the older software.
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Photo by: Google


Google TV can access your music collection on your local network. No word yet on whether it can access music stored in your Google Music account.
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YouTube redesign

The YouTube app has also been significantly reworked, allowing you to create channels based on the content you're interested in.
Photo by: Google

YouTube browsing

The new YouTube app lets you search for other videos while a video is playing in the background.
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Meet the drop-resistant Moto Z2 Force

The Moto Z2 Force is really thin, with a fast processor and great battery life. It can survive drops without shattering.

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