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Bundles of email

Inbox by Gmail organizes your emails by grouping together similar messages into folders called bundles. These include purchases, trip emails, bills and social updates.

You can edit which emails appear in these bundles and schedule them to appear in your inbox at your convenience.

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Save links for later

You found a cool article, but don't have time to read it right now. With the Chrome app on your phone or extension for Chrome on the desktop, you can save links for later in Inbox.

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Calendar and tasks in your inbox

Inbox lets you create reminders right in the app, and now also shows upcoming events, plus any emails associated with the event.

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Schedule emails to reappear

You don't need that hotel confirmation in your inbox right now, but in two weeks when you check in you'll want it. Schedule it to reappear at a set time or location.

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Info cards

For certain emails, like travel confirmations, shipping notifications and tickets, Inbox creates a card with all the helpful info you need to see at a glance. You can even view these cards in the inbox without opening the message.

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At-a-glance newsletters

Get a lot of newsletters? Inbox shows you the highlights of each letter so you can skim them quickly.

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Smart reminders and replies

When creating a reminder, Google suggests tasks for you as you type. And it'll also pull in helpful information, like phone numbers or a link to showtimes.

The app also helps you reply to emails faster by suggesting responses.

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