+++Initiate subroutine: adorable+++ Android is coming to life. Lovable toys based on Google's endearing mascot are leaping from phones to the palm of your hand in the form of these 3-inch vinyl Googlebots.

Last week we brought you Series 2 of the Android Mini Collectibles. Now click through our photos to meet Series 1 of the adorable Androids.

The cutesy phonedroids come courtesy of Dyzplastic, the toy brand designed by New York-based English artist Andrew Bell. The designs include the shocking yellow Hi-Voltage, the steampunk CopperBot, and sinister Darknet. A flaming Creature from the pit and a novelty tie-wearing Worker are equally terrifying, while the Copper Washed Rustbot shows what happens to all technology, eventually.

These are definitely some of our favourite robots, but there's stiff competition: who could forget the Lego robot controlled by a Nexus One phone that can solve a Rubik's cube in 12 seconds? Or the George the 1950s robot built from bomber bits? Or the robots who clean your house? And that's not to mention the life-sized, remote-control version of the Google Android.

Each Android Mini Collectible is blind boxed, so -- like Forrest Gump -- you never know what you're gonna get. They're available from Bell's Dead Zebra webstore, costing £5.50, or from a selection of UK toy sites.

Which mobile phone mechanoid is your favourite? Click through our gallery to see the Android army, and tell us what you think in the comments or on our Facebook page.

APK 2008.
Copper Wash / Rust.


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