Good looks from LG's Diamond Collection fridge (pictures)

This fancy four-door fridge offers a high-end kitchen aesthetic.

Ry Crist
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LG Diamond Collection 4-Door Refrigerator

The LG LPXS30866D is a centerpiece appliance in the brand's new "Diamond Collection." Click through for a closer look at this high-end fridge.

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Touch controls

Along with the striking (and fingerprint-resistant) black stainless steel finish, you'll find touch controls on the front of the fridge that allow you full access to all of the settings.

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Magic button

There's also a silver button on the right door. Give it a press and...

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...the front panel of the right door pops open, revealing the Door-in-Door compartment.

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EasyLift Bin

With the Door-in-Door compartment open, you'll be able to access the in-door shelves without technically opening the fridge. You'll also find this cool EasyLift shelf that moves up and down to make room for tall-sized items.

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Fridge capacity

Open the fridge for real, and you'll find a smaller-than-expected 16.8 cubic foot capacity. Most French door fridges offer at least 18 cubic feet, if not closer to 20.

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Spill-proof shelves

Each shelf in the body of the fridge has a raised rimmed that helps block spills from spreading.

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Slide-in shelf

You'll also find a slide-in shelf -- another feature aimed at making room for tall items.

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You get two crisper bins in the Diamond Collection fridge -- but no humidity controls.

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EasyReach bins

Right in front of them sit a pair of "EasyReach" bins. The tempered glass lids slide back and under the crispers to offer extra storage compartments. They also aren't fixed in place, so you'll need to be somewhat careful not to break them.

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Freezer space

Down below, you get a very roomy 13 cubic foot swinging door freezer. Very few fridges offer more than 10 cubic feet for frozen foods.

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Average temperatures

The refrigerator performed extremely well in our cooling tests -- except for the Door-in-Door compartment, which ran warm.

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A cold, hard look at performance

Those purple lines are the three Door-in-Door regions -- they sat above 40 degrees for a good deal of this 72 hour test. The main body of the fridge (blue) and the left door shelves (green) did much better, holding steady at the target temperature of 37 degrees.

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Worth the price?

The LG LPXS30866D carries a suggested retail price of $4,300. You'll likely find it for at least a little bit less, but that's still an awful lot to pay for a refrigerator. Check out our full review to see if it's enough of an upgrade to justify the splurge.

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