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Iron Throne phone charger

Set your most prized possession -- your phone -- in a seat meant for a king or queen. The Iron Throne charger, from Etsy user PayTheIronPrice, can be yours for $36 (£28, AU$48 -- plus shipping).

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Drogon and Daenerys Funko action figure

Nearly everything has its own Funko collectible, but only this one has Daenerys Targaryen riding the fire-breathing Drogon. The vinyl collectible is available at Amazon for $18.66 (£14, AU$24 -- plus shipping).

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Tyrion Lannister thumbdrive

The only downside to this 16GB flash drive, available at Amazon for $15 (£11, AU$20 --plus shipping), is that it doesn't drink or know things.

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Dragon egg canister

Don't get caught with your hand in this cookie jar. The dragon egg canister -- which might look like an innocent plant to non-"GoT" fans -- is available on ThinkGeek for $25 (£20, AU$33 -- plus shipping).

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I Drink and I Know Things mug

The silver-tongued Tyrion Lannister has given "Game of Thrones" fans plenty of quotable lines, but none are as perfect on a cup than this one. It's available on Etsy for $22.95 (£18, AU$30 -- plus shipping).

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'Game of Thrones' dog tag

Sure, your dog might not be a badass dire wolf but it can still wear the Targaryen sigil around its furry neck. This dog tag can be yours for $15 (£12, AU$20) on Amazon.

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Khaleesi and Khal copper mugs

Moscow mules will never be the same with these Khaleesi and Khal copper mugs, available at the HBO Store for $36 (£28, AU$48 -- plus shipping).

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Stark and Lannister salt and pepper shakers

Add some flavor to any pigeon pie with Stark and Lannister salt and pepper shakers. Amazon has them available for $22.25 (£17, AU$29 -- plus shipping).

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Eddard Stark’s phone and tablet case

Pay proper tribute to Eddard Stark, doomed Hand of the King, by getting ThinkGeek's phone or tablet case. The iPhone case costs $9.99 (£8, AU$13 -- plus shipping), the tablet case will set you back $21.99 (£17, AU$29 -- plus shipping).

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Replica Iron Throne

Ever want your own Iron Throne replica? Well, your wait is over. Thanks to eBay user secretcompass, a 12-inch solid bronze statue is available for $1,959.95 (£1547, AU$2624 -- plus shipping).

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Dinner Is Coming cutting board

Forget Winter. What's really important is... dinner is coming! This cutting board, available on Etsy, can be yours starting at $19.90 (£15, AU$26 -- plus shipping).

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'A Feast of Ice & Fire' cookbook

Endorsed by author George R.R. Martin, "A Feast of Ice and Fire" cookbook will teach you how to concoct some of the finer foods from Westeros. It's $23.67 (£24, AU$32 -- plus shipping) on Amazon.

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Dragonclaw goblet

If you like to play the "Game of Thrones" drinking game while watching the show -- or you're just a lush -- this cup will make any drink exponentially more epic.

The $30 (£24, AU$40 -- plus shipping) chalice from ThinkGeek was inspired by the same mug that Maester Cressen and Melisandre drink from in the Chamber of the Painted Table at Dragonstone.

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Pop-up guide to Westeros

If you're a fan of "Game of Thrones"' epic and informative intro, then you've got to pick up this pop-up guide to the wide world of Westeros. It's available on Amazon for $45.90 (£36, AU$61 -- plus shipping).

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'Game of Thrones' Risk

Taking over the world is so 1950s. If you'd much rather dominate the fictional land of Westeros, then try the "Game of Thrones"-themed version of Risk, available at Amazon for $60 (£47, AU$80 -- plus shipping).

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'Game of Thrones' coaster set

These plywood coasters are perfect for any "GoT" fan who hates those pesky watermarks on their table. Make sure your guests use these nine ash-oak topped coasters, available on Etsy for $23 (£18, AU$30 -- plus shipping), or banish them to The Wall.

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House Baratheon crown ornament

Signify that Winter is (finally) here with an ornament that will instantly upgrade your tree, if you're into that kind of thing. The ornament, available via HBO for $15 (£11, AU$20 -- plus shipping), was recreated from the crown of House Baratheon.

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'Game of Thrones' lunch box

We know it: You're a gritty, hard worker who brings a lunch pail to work every day. So why not show your allegiance to the Iron Throne by getting this embossed tin lunch box from ThinkGeek for $15 (£11, AU$20 -- plus shipping)?

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Longclaw letter opener

Stop opening your letters (which may or may not be from a raven) like a peasant. Try this sword-shaped letter opener with the Longclaw blade hilt from Amazon for $24.50 (£20, AU$33 -- plus shipping). Unfortunately, the blade isn't made of Valyrian steel.

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Map of Westeros puzzle

Recreate the sprawling land of Westeros in this 1,200-piece multilayered puzzle with over 50 map markers, available at Walmart for $36 (£28, AU$48 -- plus shipping).

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