GE's new Profile PDT750SSFSS dishwasher

GE announced a new, high-end dishwasher series today, and the Profile unit is the top of the line.
Photo by: GE

Clean looks

In keeping with the rest of GE's Profile line, the dishwasher has a sleek, unobtrusive appearance. The hidden controls help.
Photo by: GE

Blue-tipped jets

Each blue node is a water jet. GE says this new dishwasher has 102 of them, more than any other dishwasher out there.
Photo by: GE

The model for bottles

Jets built into the top rack are designed to clean the inside of bottle and other vessels with narrow openings.
Photo by: GE

Four blades, 18 jets

The PDT750SSFSS has three of these rotors inside, each at a different height, and they can spin both clockwise and counterclockwise during cleaning for what GE claims is better dish coverage.
Photo by: GE

No commodity

With an MSRP of $1,299, the PDT750SSFSS sits near the top of the dishwasher price scale.
Photo by: GE


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