The 48 geekiest t-shirts of all time, ranked

Whether you like to use the Force or calculate the acceleration of force, there's a delightfully dorky shirt out there for you.

Jessica Roy
1 of 48 Jinx

48. Gamer greeting tee

As uttered at the beginning of every MOBA match you've ever played -- with "but don't have so much fun that we lose" implied. This shirt is $15 from Jinx and has "GGWP" on the back.

2 of 48 Michael Yarish/CBS

47. 73 tee

Sheldon Cooper calls 73 the "Chuck Norris of numbers." Here's why. You can get your own for $25 from Spreadshirt.

More than meets the eye
3 of 48 Her Universe

46. Transformers glow-in-the-dark tee

Like the robots it references, this shirt transforms: Its Autobot logo glows in the dark . On sale for $15 here.

Reddit logo
4 of 48 Greg Gayne/CBS

45. Reddit logo tee

Tell the outside world where you spend the most time in the online world. Get one like Sheldon's for $15.50 here.

Bottle cap fever
5 of 48 Once Upon a Tee

44. Bottle cap tee

Perfect for spending entire weekends glued to the couch playing Fallout 4. Buy your own for $15 at Once Upon a Tee.

Settlers of Catan
6 of 48 Catan Shop

43. Settlers of Catan wheat tee

Alert everyone that you settle all your arguments Catan-style. Available for $20 in the Catan Shop.

Bat symbol evolution
7 of 48 Monty Brinton/CBS

42. Bat symbol evolution tee

Feel free to subject your friends to a pop quiz of which symbol goes with which Batman. (Just be prepared for them to not be your friends much longer.) Get one like Sheldon's for $20 here.

Game of toys
8 of 48 Once Upon a Tee

41. Game of toys tee

"In the game of toys, you win or you clean your room." -Your mom, probably.

Wear your wee Westerosi pride for $15 here.

Red ring of death
9 of 48 Busted Tees

40. Red ring of death tee

The only shirt capable of giving your friends PTSD flashbacks. Relive the worst moment of your life for $24 here.

Superman logo
10 of 48 Corbis

39. Superman logo tee

It takes several years to get a Superman-like physique, like this guy has, but that doesn't mean you can't wear the iconic Kryptonian symbol on your chest. Soccer.com sells an Under Armour version of this shirt for $26.

Vote no to Daleks
11 of 48 Jinx

38. Dalek election tee

Daleks: Not even once. Available for $22 here.

I like big books
12 of 48 Spreadshirt

37. I like big books tee

You readers can't deny, when a girl walks in, put a bookmark in your place, get a new book in their face... well, you get it. Rock one for $27 here.

The Greatest American Hero
13 of 48 Monty Brinton/CBS

36. Greatest American Hero tee

Believe it or not, this is a shirt. CBS sells one just like Sheldon's for $25.

Disclosure: CBS owns CBS Interactive, the parent company of CNET.

G33k Mafia
14 of 48 Corbis

35. G33k Mafia tee

If being a geek were really like being in the mafia, who would be the Godfather? Stan Lee? Show off your membership with a similar shirt for $22 here.

Getting mathematical
15 of 48 Noisebot

34. Math tee

Be rational! Get real! Tell the whole world you majored in mathematics for just $25!

Atari logo
16 of 48 Corbis

33. Atari tee

Felicia Day has shown some love for the original must-have home gaming system. Get one with the classic logo for $25 here.

Bartman returns
17 of 48 Neatoshop

32. Bartman returns tee

The only thing nerdier than a shirt that pays tribute to your favorite fandom is a shirt that pays tribute to two of them. Buy one for $20 here.

Tesla > Edison
18 of 48 The Oatmeal

31. Tesla > Edison tee

Sure to spark a festive debate between you and your friends. Light it up for $14 here.

Classic Batman
19 of 48 Michael Yarish/CBS

30. Classic Batman tee

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-BAT-SHIRT! We found one like it for $28 here.

Dark Side of the Force
20 of 48 Noisebot

29. Dark Side of the Force tee

Kylo Ren probably wore this one every day back in college. Available for $28 here.

21 of 48 Splash News/Corbis

28. Geek tee

Nickelodeon's Victoria Justice rocked a shirt that spells it out plain and simple. Sadly, Topshop no longer carries this burgundy one, but you can snag a similar one for $10 here.

Green Arrow
22 of 48 Michael Yarish/CBS

27. Green Arrow tee

Oliver Queen would be proud. Snag one for $25 here.

Disclosure: CBS owns CBS Interactive, the parent company of CNET.

Robot print
23 of 48 Corbis

26. Robot print top

If you look closely at Felicia Day's printed top, you'll see that it's retro robots stacked up and down. Cool! No idea where she got it, but a similarly high-fashion robot print top is available for $240 here.

Dalaran University
24 of 48 Jinx

25. World of Warcraft tee

If you look up the number of hours you've spent in World of Warcraft, it probably equals about what you'd need to get a bachelor's degree. So technically, Dalaran U. is your alma mater. Go Fightin' Magi! Show your team spirit for $22 here.

May the force be with you
25 of 48 Spreadshirt

24. Force calculation tee

Note: Probably not appropriate to wear to your Physics 101 final. Otherwise, buy one for $19 here.

Green Lantern equation
26 of 48 Michael Yarish/CBS

23. Green Lantern equation tee

Dead guy plus awesome space ring equals superhero. Never forget the formula for $20 here.

Battle damage
27 of 48 Neatoshop

22. AT-AT tee

AT-AT does not like the cone of shame. Make him wear it anyway for $20 here.

Vintage Superman
28 of 48 Monty Brinton/CBS

21. Vintage Superman tee

Distressed and old-school, just like Clark Kent's journalism career. Show you were into Superman before it was cool for $14 here.

29 of 48 ThinkGeek

20. Van Gogh TARDIS tee

Because some people are nerds about British TV shows and art history. Bend time and space-and painterly perspective-for $20 here.

Green Lantern corps logo
30 of 48 Michael Yarish/CBS

19. Green Lantern Corps logo tee

Whether in brightest day or blackest night, this T-shirt is still appropriate. Available for $20 here.

31 of 48 Michael Yarish/CBS

18. Hawkman logo tee

This one is particularly geeky because almost no one knows who Hawkman is, or remembers that he's a superhero. Be part of the in crowd for $26 here.

Have you tried turning it on and off again?
32 of 48 ThinkGeek

17. The IT Crowd tee

Well, have you? Ask yourself (and everyone else) for $20 here.

The Flash
33 of 48 Monty Brinton/CBS

16. The Flash tee

As a superhero who's also a scientist, Barry Allen is a geek's geek. Show your solidarity for $13 here.

Melting Rubiks cube
34 of 48 Monty Brinton/CBS

15. Rubik's cube tee

This one pays tribute to many a baby geek's first toy. See it up close and buy one for $20 from ThinkGeek.

Iron Droid
35 of 48 Iron Droid

14. Iron Droid tee

Like if Tony Stark and JARVIS somehow fused into one person. Available for $20 here.

Green Lantern with pledge
36 of 48 Michael Yarish/CBS

13. Green Lantern oath tee

That writing on the shirt is the Green Lantern Corps oath written in Interlac, which is the official language of Oa -- but we're sure you knew that already. This one is so rare that it's tough to find online, but you can get one with the oath written in English for $22 here.

Wookiee Jesus
37 of 48 The Oatmeal

12. Wookiee Jesus tee

Amuse your geeky friends while simultaneously horrifying your religious ones. Available for $14 here.

Classic Aquaman
38 of 48 Monty Brinton

11. Classic Aquaman tee

Command the beasts of the sea in style for $24 here.

Classic Flash
39 of 48 Sonja Flemming/CBS

10. Classic Flash tee

Showcase your knowledge of the Crimson Comet for $25 here.

Disclosure: CBS owns CBS Interactive, the parent company of CNET.

40 of 48 bytelove

9. 1337 tee

Everyone needs to about about your 1337 h4x0r 5ki11z. Show them off for $20 here.

The Flash equation
41 of 48 Michael Yarish/CBS

8. The Flash equation tee

Science plus lightning equals Sheldon's favorite superhero. Available for $20 here.

There's no place like home
42 of 48 ThinkGeek

7. No place like home tee

Or no place like /localhost, at least. Get it for $20 here.

Yellow Lantern corps symbol
43 of 48 Michael Yarish/CBS

6. Yellow Lantern Corps tee

The only thing geekier than a Green Lantern shirt is a shirt from one of the lesser corps. Show you're down with Sinestro for $20 here.

I'm not a geek! I'm a level 12 paladin
44 of 48 Teespring

5. Not a geeky tee

...You are a geek, though. Just FYI. Prove it for $22 here.

45 of 48 Michael Yarish/CBS

4. Man-Bot tee

Most people look at this shirt and think, "Oh, a funny robot!" WRONG. This is Man-Bot, a founding member of the Freedom Force. Get it for $29 here.

Serenity wars
46 of 48 Once Upon a Tee

3. Serenity tee

Be a leaf on the wind. Or be a big damn hero for $15 here.

DnD D20
47 of 48 Sonja Flemming/CBS

2. D20 tee

Crit happens. Available for $19 here.

Wifi detector
48 of 48 Amazon

1. W-Ffi detector tee

The struggle is real -- if by "the struggle" you mean "the need to have Wi-Fi at all times." Buy one for $25 here.

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