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Heated slippers

It's extra cold out this winter, so we've stepped away from our space heaters to round up some gear that will help you stay warm.

Once again, Thanko gifts us with something we never realized we needed--heated slippers. Just don't expect to walk around freely in these. Besides being a tad embarrassing, they need to stay plugged into an outlet. Instead, leave the slippers under your office desk or next to the couch.

If you do choose to don the Cat Slippers, might I suggest pairing them with the USB Warmer Cat Paw for a coordinated outfit?

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WarmX undershirt

While heated garments may not be suitable for everyday wear, the WarmX undershirt would be useful for snowboarders, bikers, or ice truckers. The battery-powered shirt includes two warming zones located atop the kidneys (WarmX explains that blood is warmed as it runs through the kidneys). If the idea of heating up your kidneys scares you, you might want to check out Uniqlo's Heattech clothing. Its high-tech fabric converts sweat droplets to heat.

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Heated USB shawl

A typical winter evening might be me, bundled up on the couch watching a favorite TV show while monitoring Facebook on my laptop. But there's one thing missing from this picture: a heated USB shawl. This plush wrap is powered through your computer's USB port and can double as a lap blanket. Keeping office-chair-induced lower back pain in mind, this gadget can also be folded up and placed behind your back while seated.

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Heated mouse

Because our hands may be glued to the mouse for hours on end, a heated mouse may be one solution to stiff, achy fingers. Though it probably won't cure arthritis, its coziness might be enough to make you forget your woes. It's suitable for right- and left-handers, and can be turned off to prevent an overheated hand.

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Freehands gloves

In an ideal world, touch screens would recognize the taps of glove-clad fingers. Until then, there are products like Freehands.If you've experienced the frustration of having to remove your gloves to answer a call, you'll likely appreciate these gloves, which have flaps to expose the thumb and index finger. It's not the first time we've seen touch-screen-friendly gloves, but this company has an impressive line of varying styles for men and women.

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Tooks hats

Because they eliminate constant adjusting, runners and outdoorsy types might appreciate Tooks hats with built-in headphones. The company even says that its headphones, which are more like mini speakers, are a better listening experience than earbuds.

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12-hour heated socks

Although the battery packs won't look cute (or won't fit) under skinny jeans, these heated socks would be comforting under snow gear--or a cozy addition when playing footsie under covers. The unisex socks run on two D batteries and last 10-12 hours, depending on the setting.

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Weather apps

Of course, you might want to start out by gauging your need for these warming gadgets with a few smartphone apps. Weather Doodle is an artsy iPhone app that'll give you the forecast with minimalist features. For Android, try JS Weather, which allows you to add multiple widgets to your home screen for different locations.

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