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PlayStation Vita

Sony's PlayStation Vita is by far the best portable gaming-focused machine out there and with a bevy of must-have launch titles, there's plenty of games to get that new graduate started!

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iPad (third generation)

Not only is the iPad a great all-around tablet for the new graduate in your life, but it offers an insane amount of quick and easy casual gaming experiences. The best part? Most games are $0.99 to $4.99!


Nintendo 3DS

Now that the 3DS has had a year under its belt, we're starting to see a number of very respectable titles come its way. Priced much cheaper than the Vita, the 3DS is the budget-smart alternative to a Vita and is fully backwards compatible with the amazing library of original Nintendo DS games.


OnLive MicroConsole

Since Grads are always on the go, the OnLive MicroConsole lets you bring an amazing gaming experience with you. As long as you have a TV and an Internet connection, OnLive allows you to play hundreds of titles remotely.

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The Walking Dead

One of the most popular comic books of all time has not only transformed into a series on AMC, but it's also become a highly anticipated episodic video game series for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac, and PC.

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