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Xbox One

Price: $500

Availability: November 22

The outlook: Microsoft's entry into next-gen gaming comes in the form of the Xbox One, promising various integrations with live TV, fantasy sports and more, in addition to next-generation graphics and gameplay. After surviving what can only be called a PR nightmare regarding DRM policies, the Xbox One seemed dampened from the start, but since has made significant strides to right the ship.

$273.29 at Walmart
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PlayStation 4

Price: $400

Availability: November 15

The outlook: Sony's next-generation videogame console will hit stores one week before Xbox One and has concentrated on convincing the public that the PS4 will be the "gamer's console." The PS4 may have a slight edge on horsepower, but the company is banking on exclusive franchises like Killzone and indie offerings to ensure the PS4 lands in every living room in the country.

$295.00 at Walmart
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Nintendo 2DS

Price: $120

Availability: October 12

The outlook: Nintendo has redesigned the 3DS to be more affordable and kid friendly with what it's calling the 2DS. Confused? The 2DS loses 3D and a clamshell design, but carries a much more attractive price tag. Best of all, it plays any current 3DS (in 2D of course) and DS game.

$167.25 at Amazon
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Grand Theft Auto V

Price: $60

Availability: September 17 (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3)

The outlook: Easily one of 2013's most anticipated games, Grand Theft Auto V certainly has plenty of hype surrounding its release. One of the most iconic franchises in videogames gets an update this fall, and with it gamers can expect immersion in a virtual world like never before. All this of course while controlling three main characters, each with their own abilities and personalities, something a GTA game has never offered before.

$14.89 at Walmart
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Watch Dogs

Price: $60

Availability: November 19 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Wii U)

The outlook: A brand-new franchise from Ubisoft, Watch Dogs has already made an overwhelmingly positive impression among critics and gamers alike. The title's "hacking" mechanic promises jaw-dropping power and control over a virtual Chicago. You'll have to try it out for yourself when the game hits current and next-gen consoles in November.

$9.98 at Amazon
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Batman: Arkham Origins

Price: $60

Availability: October 25 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC)

The outlook:The Dark Knight returns in his latest adventure that takes gamers before the events of the original Arkham Asylum game. Faced with a new enemy and huge price placed upon his head, the odds have never been this stacked against Batman.

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