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Fujitsu's wireless charging demonstrated

Fujitsu's wireless charging computer modeling method

Prototype phones on a charging station

Fujitsu: why magnetic resonance is better

Fujitsu wireless charging computer model results

A demonstration of Fujitsu's wireless-charging technique shows the ability to power one fan and two light bulbs at varying distances and positions compared to the charging station, the circular coil at left.
Caption by / Photo by Fujitsu
An example from Fujitsu's wireless charging computer model shows how magnetic resonance changes when the position of the the three small receiving coils are moved in relation to the one larger transmitting coil.
Caption by / Photo by Fujitsu
Two phones resting on a charging station receive power wirelessly in a Fujitsu's wireless charging technology demonstration.
Caption by / Photo by Fujitsu
Fujitsu believes its technique, magnetic resonance, is better than an earlier method called electromagnetic induction, which requires precise and close positioning.
Caption by / Photo by Fujitsu
This example analysis by Fujitsu for one wireless charging station design that the company said is 150 times faster than with earlier computer-modeling techniques.
Caption by / Photo by Fujitsu
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