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Make this year's Halloween so good it's scary with these spook-tacular tips. 

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Make a pumpkin keg

Nothing like a custom keg to add a little pumpkin spice to your party. Here's how to turn an average pumpkin into a keg like magic.

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Carve in record time

Power tools make everything better, even carving pumpkins. Clean and carve using your handy dandy power drill with these tips. Umm, heck yah! 

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Use the right light

On windy Halloween nights your Jack-o-lantern's candles can blow out. Instead, use LED lights that look like candles. You can buy them in most grocery, hobby and discount stores for just a couple dollars. They're usually found right next to the tea candles. 

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Light your pumpkin

You could also light your pumpkin with colorful battery-powered LED string lights. Plus, you get to use your drill to make it. Score!

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Make an oozing pumpkin

If you're looking for a Jack-o-lantern that's a little, well, different, then you'll love this little spewer. All you need is some dishwashing liquid, baking powder, food coloring and vinegar. Here are the directions.

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Pick your costume

Need some help with your costume? Wonder Woman is sure to be hot this year, but if you're wanting something a little different, we have 20 genius costume ideas here.

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Ask Siri

Still not sure about your costume? Just ask Siri for her suggestions. Mostly she'll just offer some laughs, but sometimes she actually comes up with a winner. An eclipse is actually a great idea for Halloween 2017!

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Create a monster garage

This is any easy and awesome way to decorate your house for Halloween. Just add eyes and teeth to your garage door like this artist did to create a car-eating monster.

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Make Jack-o-lanterns last

To prevent your Jack-o-lantern from looking like a maggot-filled zombie in just a few days, spray it inside and out with clear enamel paint. Spraying the inside with WD-40 also helps elongate Jack's life.

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Build a pumpkin scarecrow

Make your yard unique this year by building a pumpkin-headed scarecrow. Use sticks or broom handles tied together to form the body. Then, dress it in old clothes and then stick a pumpkin on top. Draw on a face using markers or craft paint.

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