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If you like browsing through an enormous amount of images or want a way to share your photography skills, the Flickr app offers better search and new filters to make your photos pop.

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Flickr stream

Flickr now has an Instagram-like photo stream. When you open the app, you're taken straight to a river of photos that the people you follow have uploaded to Flickr.

You can comment on and like those photos, plus share them to social networks

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Personal profile

All of the photos you've ever added to Flickr, either with the app or the website, will show up in your profile in the app.

From here you can edit and delete images, add them to your albums, and control who can see them.

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There's a built-in camera in the app, which has limited features. However, after you snap a photo, you can add effects.

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After effects

You can add filters, adjust the lighting, and crop the photos you shoot in the app.

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When someone starts following you on Flickr, likes your photos, or comments on a photo, you get a notification.

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The Explore section was introduced in an earlier version of Flickr's Android app and it lets you see popular photos and those that were geotagged with locations close to you.

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New search tools in the latest version use image recognition technology to help you find photos even if you didn't add any information when you uploaded them.

You can also search in the app for photos that match a specific keyword or have a particular person in them.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Mitroff/CNET
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