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Foxl portable Bluetooth speakers

Here's a random selection of five presents that you probably haven't thought of buying.

The end is nigh — at least as far as Christmas shopping goes. Whether you're stuck for an idea for those last few presents or (more likely) wracking your brains on how to get started, here are five fairly random gifts ideas that may help jog a few Xmas brain cells.

Small size, big sound — that's what Foxl promises for the Platinum edition of its portable speakers. This is the Bluetooth-enabled version and it has a very impressive 20 hours of battery life. At just 55x143x35mm, it'll slip in a bag, yet the sound stays solid.

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The Bourne quadrilogy Blu-ray box set

Four films in, and The Bourne series is still a great selection of action flicks for anyone who enjoys a little cerebral action with their explosions and ultra-violence. Plus, the fourth film kind of managed the impossible — giving us a reboot of sorts that, not only didn't suck, it was actually a solid film in its own right.

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Worx SD SlideDriver

It's an electric screwdriver that works like a six-shooter. Do you really need to know anything else? You cock it like a pistol to change bits, and you get 12 different heads that come in two six-shooter-style clips. The Worx SD SlideDriver even has a light built-in and — the selling point for us — a holster clip for your belt.

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Logitech UE Smart Radio

The new Smart Radio from Logitech UE connects to your Wi-Fi network, giving you access to digital radio from around the world, as well as the music on your network. It'll even tune in to your online music services, such as Spotify and It's light, has a six hour battery life and there's a remote control app for your smartphone.

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STM cable wrap

STM describe it as a "burrito for your cables", and it's hard to argue with that description. It's also one of those "simple, but brilliant" concepts — shove all your cables, Wi-Fi dongles, spare battery backs and anything else in to it, then it all wraps up into a secure bundle that will keep everything safe. We love it.

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