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Fitbit Force

Fitbit's new Force tracker is one of the best fitness gadgets we've seen and sure to make a great stocking-stuffer for you or someone you care about.

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Withings Pulse

This small clip-on or wrist-worn tracker's got a pulse-reader, pedometer, and sleep-tracker all in one, offering a great package for its size, and syncs data easily.

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Basis Band

Super advanced and eager to motivate, the Basis Band is the perfect timepiece for those who need extra enticement to adapt healthier habits.

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Misfit Shine

Fancy a pedometer that looks like jewelry? The Shine can be worn as a wristband, clip-on, or pendant with optional accessories, is waterproof, and uses a watch battery for up to four months of continuous use.

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Jawbone Up24

If you or someone you know seeks a simple, stylish way to get into the fitness tracking trend, the Jawbone Up24 should do the trick.

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Fitbit Zip

Extremely affordable and a cinch to use, the Zip is a great low-cost way to give the gift of fitness tracking.

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Nike Fuelband SE

If you have a Nike addict in your life, or a someone simply dedicated to the fitness apparel giant's products, there's no substitute for the Fuelband SE. Revamped with fresh features such as a new app, sleep tracking, and more color options, the Fuelband is now more capable than ever.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET
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