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Skeleton, cards, cheese

The Wedge of Destiny

Picnic cheeses

Office snack?

Uncut cheese

Cheese art

Desert cheese

Fade cheese

This is the cheese that started the whole thing. Falling down a drop in the town of Crestwood revealed this: a skeleton, a pile of playing cards and a wheel of cheese big enough to crush a Qunari. No other information provided.

Caption by / Photo by Nic Healey/CNET

Also in Crestwood, meet the Wedge of Destiny. This lootable piece of cheese becomes a shield for your sword and board characters -- complete with cheese knife still embedded near the missing wedge.

Caption by / Photo by Briana Woolridge

This one was supplied by a gamer who goes by the handle of randomllama. She says that: "straight after finding this I got jumped by a giant spider as big as a house ... I think the cheese was in cahoots".

Caption by / Photo by randomllama

Well at least this one makes a little more sense -- after a long day of balancing the castle's accounts, who doesn't enjoying unwinding with an enormous chunk of cheese and an orange? (Thanks to Bec Lancaster for this one.)

Caption by / Photo by Bec Lancaster

This one, on the otherhand, just looks unhygienic sitting around in a dank room directly under a naked flame.

Caption by / Photo by Bec Lancaster

Another from randomllama -- this one being important enough to catch the eye of Orlesian marble workers. "In Empress Celene's palace there's a statue holding a piece of Swiss cheese in a bowl in the guest wing."

Caption by / Photo by randomllama

Quite frankly, there's very little we can think of less appetising than cheese that been sitting on a rock in the middle of a desert. Eat at your own risk.

Caption by / Photo by Matthew Wu

Found directly under a fade rift in the middle of the Hinterlands. Somehow this cheese managed to not be trampled by shades, rage demons or undead archers.

Caption by / Photo by Felicia Anne
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