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Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Samsung kicked things off this week by announcing an expansion of the Family Hub smart fridge line. New models include this traditional four-door French door fridge seen here.

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New features

All of the fridges (including ones already sold) are getting an upgrade to the refrigerator's operating system that'll introduce new user management features and voice controls, too.

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LG Smart InstaView Refrigerator

LG wasn't content to let Samsung have the smart fridge spotlight to itself, though. Instead, the Korean manufacturer showed off its rival to the Family Hub. It's called the Smart InstaView Refrigerator. That touchscreen goes translucent if you knock twice on it, letting you see inside the door compartment. You can also open that compartment Door-in-Door-style, without actually opening the fridge itself.

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Whirlpool Door-Within-Door Refrigerator

LG wasn't the only manufacturer putting doors within doors at CES. Whirlpool got in on the trend, too, releasing a door-in-a-door fridge of its own that promises better, more accurate performance.

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Open up

Here's a look at the interior. Plenty of space.

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Crisper bin

Plenty of room in those crisper bins, too -- Whirlpool says that one on the left is the biggest it's ever made.

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Sliding 'Infinity Shelf'

You'll also find an "Infinity Shelf" -- really just a shelf that slides back and out of the way to make room for tall items below.

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Haier 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

Haier, the Chinese manufacturer that recently purchased GE Appliances, announced that it's bringing a suite of small appliances to the US, including this $1,200 French door unit with 14.2 cubic feet of storage space.

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GE Cafe Series Refrigerator in black slate

As for the company it acquired, GE showed off a new "black slate" finish for its appliances, including the $3,400 Cafe Series fridge with a built-in Keurig coffee maker. It'll arrive at retail this April.

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