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iOn Air Pro 3

The iOn Air Pro 3 is a small, lightweight action cam that happens to be waterproof down to 49 feet without the need for a housing.

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Tripod or CamLock mount

There's a metal tripod mount in the bottom, which gives you a lot of mount options. On top of that, iOn has its own CamLock system, which uses a little quick-connect clip that slides into several different mounts, including new ones for rollbars, boards of all kinds, and goggles.

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Slide to start

Just slide the switch on top forward and the camera starts recording. It'll vibrate to let you know it's on and capturing or when you shut it off. You can also turn it on and use the power button to take 12-megapixel photos.

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The Air Pro 3 comes with iOn's Wi-Fi Podz accessory, which lets you connect the camera to an iOS or Android device wirelessly. The iOn app can give you a live view of what you're recording and you can use it to start and stop recordings as well. It can also be used to view and transfer movies and photos on the device to your smartphone for fast sharing on the go. The Pro 3 even records two files simultaneously: one at full resolution and a second QVGA version for easier uploads.

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In the box

Included are a handlebar mount and helmet mount, several adhesive pads, a mini tripod, and, of course, the camera.

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Available in November

Look for the Air Pro 3 in early November for $349.99.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET
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