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Finger-painting kit for dogs

The Global Pet Expo just wrapped up in Orlando, Fla., with some 800 pet product makers showing off more than 3,000 new gadgets for furry friends. Here's just a small sampling.

Pup-Casso Art Kit, $20

"In just a few easy steps, your dog can unleash its inner artist and become the next Mutt-isse or Dali-mation," reads the promotional material for the Pup-Casso Art Kit.

The finger-painting kit for dogs comes with:

Five colors of acrylic paint (non-toxic)
Three pieces of canvas art paper
Three paint shields
One picture frame
One surprise pup toy

Doggie beret not included.

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Doggie treadmill

Pet Run treadmill, $480

Not all dogs live where it's warm and sunny and they can get out every day. The Pet Run treadmill features "push button controls to provide gradual increase and decrease in speed," but presumably you, and not Fido, will be the one operating them. You can also operate the speed and adjust the incline from the included remote control.

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Pet party kit

Party 2 Go Kit, $14.95

Lucky Paws sells everything you need to whip up microwavable cakes for cats and dogs. For animals who like full-on parties thrown in their honor, this Party 2 Go Kit comes with a reusable microwavable pan, dry organic treat mix, icing mix, four invitations, one party hat, and instructions.

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Spill-proof bowl

Neater Feeder, $35-$66

Is Spot a sloppy eater? The Neater Feeder manages the mess by containing and separating spilled food and spilled water--and draining spilled water into a reservoir. It's designed with protective walls to contain splashes and spills from an inadvertent kick or a pet who gets excited by new gadgets. The Neater Feeder comes in small, medium (pictured), and large sizes priced from $35 to $66.

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Yard Pup & Paw

Yard Pup, $35

The Yard Pup & Paw pooper scooper, which ships in May, promises "no more more bending, stooping, or touching the yuck with your hands. When a bag is full, just take it off, tie it up and throw it out! Reload a new bag and go back for more." The universal design fits most grocery store bags, 4-gallon trash bags, and 13-gallon kitchen bags.

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